Brief info

Zachary Williams is a seasoned IT executive with a diverse background in data management and software engineering. With 9 years of experience in various industries, including investment banking, insurance, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, pharmaceuticals, and real estate. Mr. Williams has established himself as a versatile and highly skilled professional. During his tenure at a management consulting firm, Mr. Williams successfully migrated legacy systems, developed cyber security dashboards, and implemented automated processes, resulting in significant cost savings for his clients. He is also known for his ability to streamline operations, as evidenced by his work developing dashboards for manufacturing and labs, which reduced man hours. Additionally, Mr. Williams has developed multiple real estate projects inclusive of commercial and residential builds between affordable and market rate developments ranging in values up to $1M. Mr. Williams' contributions have earned him recognition through a Passionate Service award, further testament to his commitment and expertise in the field.


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